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Energy storage systems (ESS) will revolutionise the electricity grid in the UK.  In 10 years’ time, electric vehicles (EV’s), UPS’s, commercial and domestic  energy storage and grid scale storage will all be part of a national Smart Grid, allowing inter-trading, significantly reduced grid development costs and minimised  cost increases to consumers.

At the same time, the grid in the UK is under immense pressure, as 30GW of old power stations are decommissioned and the rush to Electric Vehicles (EV’s) is about to take off. Solar and wind have caused huge instabilities due to their intermittent nature and National Grid has auctioned 200MW of initial balancing capacity to help stabilise the grid. It is estimated that up to 40GW of ESS will be required in the future to ensure that a grid based on renewable energy will be stable.

These conditions have given rise to new revenue streams from the grid for ESS owners. ESS will reduce site consumption at peak times, mesh with renewable energy sources such as solar to allow cheap charging and then bring in revenues which can be as much as 20% of capital value a year.

A free UPS covering your whole plant and protecting your key processes? This is now possible. We can offer fully funded ESS, with a choice of funding routes. See below under Payment Options

We also install Tesla Powerwall consumer systems.

The key information is available from Powersun in a series of downloads (click to view).

Energy Storage Systems, Solar PV systems  & Voltage Optimisation systems qualify for Carbon Trust Green Business Fund support. Please click here for further information.

Answering your questions.


  1. Energy capacity (kWh)  – how much energy in kWh is stored in the ESS.
  2. Power (kW)  – ability of the ESS to deliver stored energy at a given rate.
  3. E.g. A 100kWh ESS delivering 100% of its capacity in
    • 15 minutes – Power  is 400kW
    • 2 hours    —   Power  is 50kW
    • The faster the discharge rate required, the higher the battery cost and possibly the shorter the cycle life.


  1. Which processes / areas of your premises need protection?
  2. What demand is there? ( Half hourly data is ideal or we can install a datalogger to get the data)
  3. How long do you want to protect these for?
  4. Where will we site a system?

Payment options?

  1. For any system costing >£100k, an ESCO route is available, where the ESS is owned by a shared operating company, with revenues shared accordingly.
  2. All manufacturers that we work with offer leasing arrangements. The revenues available from ESS means that these can often be at zero net cost to you, giving all the benefits of a UPS with no effect on your balance sheet or P&L.
  3. Solar PV systems can be included in the funding package.
  4. If you pay for the system, you will receive all of the revenues available and payback can be as low as 4 years
  5. ESS are subject to grants from the Carbon Trust of up to £10k

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