Demand response
Grid Support - demand response

Grid Support is a division of Powersun specifcally setup for the construction and grid connection of plant for Demand Response. Powersun are experienced in the Design, construction and grid connection of Solar Parks and Large Commercial Rooftop Solar installations and have diversified into Grid Balancing and Demand Response . Our success has been based upon our expertise in the connection of large distribution generation with the National Grid and Project Management of teams of highly qualified Engineers, LV and HV Electrical teams.

We work closely with the National Grid and Market Energy Aggregators in order to secure revenue streams by providing a reserve resource to respond and to help balance the National Grid.

We will guide you through the process from start to finish, offering a range of options along the way to ensure that we achieve your desired outcome. Grid Support works closely with our clients to derive the optimal model to gain the best returns from this energy reserve. We facilitate and Project Manage the development complete.

What’s The Deal?

  • We offer our clients a Lease Agreement as an opportunity to employ Peak Demand Plant. For a 20MW plant we pay up to £42,000 per year for a minimum period of 15 years. A 20MW plant requires  approximately one acre.

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