Project Feasibility

Powersun offers project feasibility services across the spectrum of Solar PV installations. We can help you to identify the correct sites or buildings in order to maximise your returns and add significant value to your investment propositions.

Project planning is essential to avoid costs later on and save significant time during the life cycle of the project. Lack of proper due diligence and control on every stage of the development and construction process can prove to be expensive and have a negative impact on performance and the IRR of any project.

Surveying & Project Assessment

  • Project Assessment and Appraisal
  • Financial Modelling and Forecasting (including budgeting, IRR, system yields, etc)
  • Desktop and Physical Surveys (including structural and electrical)
  • DNO management and G59 application
  • Preparation of Project Tenders with technical briefs and project specific drawings

Auditing / Technical Due Diligence

  • System Design and Costing Assessment
  • Supply Chain Assessment
  • Contractor Assessment
  • H&S review and compliance
  • Site compliance Auditing
  • Commissioning Auditing


  • Investment negotiations support with banks and any lending organisations
  • Access to project funding through our network of finance companies (mainly for UK projects)

Our services can be tailor made to meet individual investment and project needs. We are committed to offer impartial independence advice in any given situation.

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