Project development from Powersun Solar PV

We have a set of skills which allows us to take solar development projects brought to us by clients through all the various permitting processes and beyond.

If you have such a site, a conversation with one of our development team will let you know what’s possible and the likely timescale and costs.

We have our own planning advisors and a legal team experienced in renewable energy matters, both taking pragmatic and sensible views, designed to allow seamless project flow.

Solar Parks – Ground mounted

Powersun has the knowhow to take Solar PV projects through  the whole development, permitting, construction and commissioning cycle.

If you are a landowner and you would like to invest in your own Solar Park we can provide the project modelling, forecasting and development timescale.

Furthermore we can guide you with our experienced planning consultants and legal advisors step by step through the project permitting and construction process.


Building Integrated Solar PV

We can apply the same expertise apply to building integrated Photovoltaic systems. If you are a commercial building owner and you would like to invest into a solar system, we can provide the necessary advice and give you realistic, feasible options in order to maximise your investment, add value to your property, make significant energy savings and comply with all relevant legislation.

Powersun can provide:

  • Desktop Survey and Design
  • Feasibility Report and Investment Appraisal
  • DNO and G59 application Management
  • Detailed Physical Survey, Structural and Electrical Surveys, EPC certification
  • Preparation and management of the planning application
  • Project PR and Community Liaison

Please have a look below at the indicative site and building selection criteria lists.

If you have any further questions please contact us and we would be happy to answer them.


Ground Mounted Solar Park

Selection criteria

  • Size – Six (6) to thirty (30) acres of land depending on potential investment and generation capacity. For example a 1MW site will require approximately 6 acres and will require a budget of approximately £900k. Due to planning and finance restrictions,  investments for more than 5MW (30 acres) are very unlikely to proceed.
  • Type of Land – Preferably grade 3 flat land.
  • Orientation – South facing field
  • Shading – No shading from structures or trees.
  • Site shouldn’t be close to any archaeological sites, listed building
  • Site should not be within, or too close to, any AONBs, National Parks or planning sensitive areas.
  • Site should have limited visibility or limited impact to neighbours
  • Soil – The soil should be easy for pilling. Rocky subsoil can significantly increase the project CAPEX.
  • Accessibility – The site should have good access with roads able to take heavy loads (40t trucks) during the duration of the construction
  • Flooding Risk – There should be no flood risk on the site.


Electricity Connectivity

Selection criteria

  • There should be an 11kV or 33kV line running over or close to the site
  • A site close to a substation is likely to offer increased connection capacity and obtain a reasonably priced connection offer


Land ownership

If you want to lease your site then you have to agree to sign a 6 month exclusivity agreement to allow for adequate time for development due diligence.


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