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Solar PV design and installation

Farmer, landowner or have commercial roofspace? Powersun can offer the right solution for Solar PV

Tesla Powerwall 2

Energy Storage Systems

Is Energy Security important to you? We can supply site wide Energy Storage Systems, with UPS, at no net cost to you.

Electricity lines

Grid Support

Do you have land near a substation? We develop small gas fired demand response plants from 0.3 acre upwards.

Powersun has been designing and installing solar systems for almost 10 years.

We are a leading supplier of solar PV systems, which still give returns of as much as 18% for high energy users. We also work with behind the meter energy storage systems, offering equipment from leading global manufacturers.

We work with landowners and commercial and industrial companies to develop private wire renewable energy needs, feeding green energy directly to the user at competitive rates.

We work with landowners to develop gas fired and battery storage distributed generation sites, offering vital support to the National Grid.

If there’s renewable energy involved, we are there to advise and assist.

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Powersun can provide a FREE assessment. Based on your specific needs, we can design and cost a system and provide full financial analysis to show the benefits.

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