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Solar PV

Having Solar PV is a critical milestone on your route to zero carbon

Tesla Powerwall 2

Energy Storage Systems

Use your energy effectively and manage your energy security

Electricity lines

Grid Support

Do you have land near a substation? We develop small gas fired demand response plants from 0.3 acre upwards.

Powersun - we use your data to give insight into your energy reduction needs.

The journey to Zero Carbon is now an important business driver. Don’t rush in and get it wrong – let’s work for you or with you to get the data and find out what you really need, and how you or your company will start on the Zero Carbon road.

Data gives us insight and our route map can be defined by the simple word: MAPIT: Monitor – Analyse – Propose – Install – Track.

  • Monitor: If you don’t know where and how your energy is being consumed, we can’t make decisions together about energy and carbon savings
  • Analyse: Once we have the data, we search for areas of maximum energy saving
  • Propose: we suggest a full solution to maximise carbon reduction and minimise energy costs
  • Install: full implementation
  • Track: The monitoring continues, and can cascade down the device tree, both monitoring and controlling for continuing gains

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