Our Promises

Ethical Business

People before profit? How can we justify this statement if asked, by a journalist for instance?

Quality Solutions

o We provide quality solutions that fit both purpose and budget.

Minimal Interruption

We offer minimal interruption and long term guarantees on workmanship.

Future Needs

Your present data shows the path to your future needs.

Zero Carbon Action

Climate Crisis is the single biggest challenge of our time. Individually we can all contribute to the collective impact through our homes, businesses and communities.

Powersun has  for the last ten years played an active role in providing quality solutions across the UK and helping hundreds of homeowners and businesses, understand and plan the integration of Zero Carbon technologies into their daily lives.

We help clients embrace green, clean technologies which provide a long-term return on their investments, both on monetary and social terms.

Check out the Zero Carbon Solutions below and our Proven Step-by-Step Approach that delivers industry best practise on the selection and integration of Green Technologies.

Carbon Zero Solutions

With 10 years of experience and hundreds of happy clients, Powersun has designed 4 different solutions that fit both homes and businesses.

All our solutions are designed either as new or to fit in with existing systems.


Carbon Zero Services

Our Services are designed to help you maintain your systems, safeguard your investment and be compliant with both legislation and insurance requirements.

From 24-7 system monitoring and reporting to scheduled preventive maintenance and corrective repairs when something breaks, Powersun is your reliable partner helping you enjoy the benefits of your systems safely, without hassle or expensive repairs.


Step-by-step approach

Get the system you really need. Maximise the benefits.

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Initial Free Consultation on Client’s needs

Our representative will guide you through a 30min free consultation to discover more about your needs and your property.

Datalogger Installation - Consumption Data Capture

Our Engineer will fit a brand new datalogger to your mains in order to capture valuable generation data which will indicate your true needs and your daily consumption profile

Detailed Full System Report

Once we have adequate data our team will produce a detailed full system report, analysing your consumption data, indicating a system that fits your needs with full system specs and estimated costs

System Installation Options

You have 3 options:
1) Do It Yourself - With the report you have you will b fully capable of purchasing and managing the install yourself,
2) Do it With You – Powersun can assist you with the installation of the system,
3) Do it For You – Powersun is fully responsible for the installation and commissioning of the system. With a 2 year system installation warranty

System Installation and Commissioning

If you choose to work with us, then our installation manager will contact you to arrange the details. We aim to complete the installation with minimum disturbance and interaction. Once system is install we train you on system safety and provide the commissioning report and all accompanying documents

System Maintenance & Annual Inspections

Once the system is installed and fully commissioned we will provide annual maintenance and on-call or contract support to insure compliance and yield optimisation

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