AKP Group grows in excess of 750 Hectares of potatoes and is one of the largest growers in the UK. They can also store over 36,000 tonnes of potatoes for clients, in efficient, digitally controlled cold storage, with humidification and sprout suppressant, keeping the potatoes in the best state possible during their time in store.

Naturally, this consumes electrical power, and AKP stay green with the help of their 193kWp solar PV system, generating over 170,000kWh each year.

The solar PV system will be closely monitored by Powersun using the Meteocontrol  datalogger platform, with the aim of maximising generation and Feed in Tariff revenues for AKP, while reducing their CO2 emissions by some 72 tonnes each year.

Powersun manages a variety of roof systems and solar parks on behalf of our valued clients.

See an example of a Powersun site here.