About Powersun – meet the team

Solar PV at shopping centre

Powersun works with clients helping them solve urgent energy use problems. We understand the urgency of climate change, and can help businesses down the journey to a Zero Carbon solution. Solutions are often simpleand can be cost effective.

We specialise in solar PV systems, from small to very large; we are an OLEV certified installer of EV charging systems; we arfe a Tesla Certified installed of battery storage systems, which increase energy security and help to reduce exposure to power cuts, as well as cutting energy costs. We firmly believe that what we do makes a difference, and we have the technology and expertise to meet the needs of the widest variety of clients.

We believe that solar is here to stay and that the UK will lead the world in smart grid development. Global solar capacity will continue to increase and the problems caused to the grid by the expansion of renewables will lead to rapid development of storage opportunities, both at grid and user level. As a company we are building the required strong foundations to ensure that we will be there to support that growth, as well as our clients and our partners.


The company was formed in 2010, designing and installing solar systems on agricultural buildings. Since then, we have grown to become a specialist company that takes projects all the way to construction and O&M.

Our focus for the future will be to continue the solar PV work across the commercial world, at the same time bringing a strong focus to bear on the fast emerging Energy Storage market, as well as on electric vehicle (EV) charging systems.

Senior team

The company was formed by Ian Brent-Smith and Justin Blackwood. Ian is an engineer and a successful entrepreneur with 35 years of experience who has worked in automotive and automation industries and successful participation is JVs in Eastern Europe and China. Justin is a seasoned agronomist and a farmer with 40 years of hands on experience. He is also a renewable energy consultant and sits on various industry bodies and committees.

The latest addition is our Operations Manager Trevor Treleven. Trevor has worked in the PV industry for many years, for panel manufacturers, distributors and installers and brings his engineering experience to bear on all our work.

Our O and M team is headed up by Giuseppe D’Apote. Born it Italy, he has worked in most forms of renewable energy for more than 10 years, and has many years’ experience in the O and M field.