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Demand response
Grid Support - demand response

The national grid has changed dramatically over just seven years. On 7th June this year (2017), more than 50% of UK demand was met for a period by solar and wind energy. Only 7 years ago, this resource simply did not exist.

However, it creates a problem: wind and solar are highly variable energy sources.

National grid must by law hold voltage and frequency within very tight limits and when generation differs from consumption, these limits can be exceeded, causing grid chaos.

The solution?  “ Demand Response Generation” : formerly diesel, now gas fired, locally positioned generating stations, which can be switched on at short notice to provide the extra power required when the sun’s not shining and wind’s not blowing

If you have a potential site, near the gas and electricity grid, let us know. We work with some of the UK’s largest companies, committed to provide up to 2GW of gas generation, and we have the skills to make your project happen.


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We do all the work in confirming grid availability and will work with you towards a 25 year lease. Payments are normally pro rata from £42k a year for a 20MW site, although they can be higher if grid connection costs are low.

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