Land Management

Land management solutions from Powersun

Asset management and Maintenance teams are generally composed of highly qualified engineers. Their experience therefore, does not cover the grass under their feet, the hedgerows or the wildlife. These need very specific skills and a detailed familiarity with the legal framework in respect to land management.

Powersun’s land management team are quali ed for the work in hand and able to undertake all aspects of land management advice for solar parks, including for legally required work such as pernicious weed management. With more than 25 years of managing farm and estate land, we have all the required BASIS and FACTS registrations, along with the associated planning and reporting software.

Our aim is to take land management responsibilities, both legal and practical, o the shoulders of asset owners and service providers.

We will keep the O&M provider fully aware of all the requirements, both legal and practical, for the land management aspects, allowing them to concentrate purely on the technical aspects of the installed solar PV systems.

“… delivering an environmentally sustainable and cost effective service to asset owners and service providers…”

We will undertake physical site surveys and detailed analysis of the Land Environment Management Plan and the planning conditions on each site, to produce a site-speci c action plan. This will ensure continued compliance, will demonstrate commitment to the local community for application of land management best practice, and furthermore provide tangible savings by undertaking speci c actions only when needed, and not because it is a contractual requirement.

In addition, Powersun, in coordination with the asset owners and the service provider will carry out follow up visits in order to inspect and report whether the service that was provided was up to standards.

Our complementary consultancy services will allow asset owners and core service providers to concentrate purely on the economical and technical aspects of installed solar PV farms.

Grass Management

  • Cutting and grazing programmes including options for chemical growth control
  • Determination and writing of legally required recommendations for control of pernicious weeds
  • Drainage and ditching – existing and any further requirements
  • Active plans for ora and fauna, reducing decline in bee and other insect life
  • Monitor site damage from heavy vehicles and reinstatement of level grassland
  • Monitor soil ph values and fertility to ensure continued sward viability
  • Observation and advice on pest management (rats, rabbits, deer)
  • Observation and recommendations on other wildlife e.g. badgers

Additional Services

  • Sourcing of suitably quali ed labour for controlled processes
  • Provide estimates as to reasonable charges from sub-contract labour
  • Report on e cacy of work undertaken and services provided by sub-contract labour

Annual structure

  • Depending on site, one to three visits per year:
    > Feb to April > May to August > Sept to Nov
  • Report after each visit with recommendations on all above with photographic evidence
  • Annual report to include performance in relation to previous year’s advice


  • Initial site visit report and formal herbicide recommendations
  • Cost estimates for Y1 and Y2
  • Visit reports
  • Annual report

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We work with behind the meter energy storage systems, offering equipment from leading global manufacturers.

We work with landowners and commercial and industrial companies to develop private wire renewable energy needs, feeding green energy directly to the user at competitive rates.

We work with landowners to develop gas fired and battery storage distributed generation sites, offering vital support to the National Grid.

We work with solar park owners and O&M providers to provide Land Management Services, taking responsibility for agricultural issues off the shoulders of industrial engineers.

If there’s renewable energy involved, we are there to advise and assist.