Lighting consumes around one fifth of the world’s power. Too many businesses switch power on at the start of the day, and off at the end, with no reference to who is using which parts at what time.

Modern lighting will respond to both who is in the area, and to the level of external daylight, responding and adjusting light levels automatically, as well as switching on and off when rooms are used or empty.

Office lighting

Savings can be as high as 70% of existing costs, and all the luminaires, in factory, warehouse office laboratory or school collect data and report to a central gateway which collects and transmits data to a portal. This can then be viewed on PC’s smartphones laptops and tablet, displaying cost, consumption and CO2 emissions in graphical format.

Smart Energy Saving lighting is still subject to Enhanced Capital Allowance up to April 2020. This means the entire cost of an upgrade to smart lighting can be offset against profits.

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