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Powersun has been designing and installing solar PV systems from 2kW domestic to 2MW solar parks since 2011.  As well as the purely technical knowledge and the ability to create a high quality working system from a design concept, it’s always crucial that we listen to our customers. That way we design what they do want and not what we think they might want.

The design process often starts with the roof or ground space available, as well as the possibility of connecting the system to the local electrical grid. For any system larger than 4kW (single phase) or 12kW (3-phase), we have to request permission to connect from the local DNO (distribution network operator).

Once that is done, there are myriad combinations of panels and inverters to choose from, with the size and shape of the system often guiding the design.

Future owners will want to understand not only the costs, but the income and savings which will be derived from the working system, so we include all that in our formal proposal.

If you’d like us to create a design for you, give us some basic information and we’ll come back to you quickly.

In the meantime, you can find a typical 50kW proposal here and download the latest Feed in  Tariff data (April 2017) here.  If you have had a solar PV system for some time, the FiT data for all historical systems is also available.