Private Wire

Private wire solar farm

Solar PV can produce energy over the life of a solar park (or roof) at a cost of just over 4.5p per unit (kWh). When you consider that some enterprises are now paying up to 17p/kWh for power, the benefits of renewables become highly visible.

For high consumers, the benefits are very attractive. For self-funded systems, returns can be as high as 20%, even with no subsidy (after 31st March 2019), giving a sub 5 year payback. The user is then in charge of an element of their consumption, which is outside energy company price rises.

The low cost is partly due to the fact there are no hidden charges. Transmission costs, climate change levies, ROC charges etc. are all zero, as the power is generated locally.

If systems are provided “free”, the ownership rests with the funder, who will sell the power to the user, generally at a rate at least 30% under current pricing. The land need not be in direct ownership, as farmers can often be persuaded to lease land for solar parks. The return is higher than from farming.

Private wire supplies will of course work just as well on a roof, where the returns are usually even better, as the cost is lower.

Energy Storage

Energy storage can be incorporated into the solution, allowing fast charging of EV’s and ensuring any excess solar generation can be used for storage. The external revenues from these systems allow them to be fully funded under our “Storage as a Service” option.