Our Vision

Powersun works with clients helping them solve urgent energy use problems. We understand the urgency of climate change and can help businesses down the journey to a Zero Carbon solution. Solutions that are simple, cost effective and easy to maintain. We believe that renewable energy, storage and EVs are here to stay and that the UK will lead the world in renewable energy and smart grid development.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to help our clients to make a measurable impact on their carbon footprint and develop a sustainable business model, by adopting Renewable Generation, Storage and EV technologies. We work closely with our clients to simplify project realisation and deliver the right solutions that meet their requirements. We achieve that by identifying risks and opportunities, focusing on the things that matter and helping them define idle solutions and implementation.

Our 4 Commitments

Ethical Business

We put people, the environment and ethical business before profit.

Quality Solutions

We provide quality solutions that fit the purpose and budget.

Minimal Interruption

We offer minimal interruption and long term guarantees on workmanship.

Future Needs

All our solutions are provided based on measured current and future needs of our clients.

Long Established History

The company was formed in 2010, designing and installing solar systems on agricultural buildings. Since then, we have grown to become a specialist company that provides total solutions to our clients’ needs and takes projects all the way from design and development to construction and O&M.

Our focus for the future will be to continue providing the optimum Solar PV Generating Solutions across the residential and commercial world, at the same time bringing a strong focus to bear on the fast emerging Energy Storage market, as well as on electric vehicle (EV) charging systems.

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