Electric Vehicle charging  

Electric vehicle charging

Government forecasts show that by 2025 there could be between 1m and 5m EV’s on UK roads. The additional demand for generating capacity could be as high as 18GW and this is unlikely to be matched by increases in generation.

Rapid charging requires high power. Let’s look at a Tesla model S with 100kWH of batteries on board:

  • To charge in 2hrs requires 50kW of power.
  • A Tesla Supercharger delivers 120kW of power.
  • A motorway service station probably has a 2000kW supply for the whole site.
  • It could therefore rapid charge 16 cars at the same time, but would have to close down everything else to do so.

Energy storage will be required in almost all commercial premises to enable sufficiently fast charging of multiple vehicles.

Storage systems from any of our suppliers can be used, and a charging point integrated. Powerstar have  turnkey charging solutions, with a solar PV canopy if required, and up to 80kWh of storage capacity on s single station. They are fitted with 50kW CHAdeMO rapid charging and 11kW AC charging outlets. These can also be linked to your existing, or a new, solar PV system, further reducing the mileage cost of your EV’s.

The Workplace Charging Scheme provides a contribution of £300- per charging station, up to a max. of £6,000.