A question: what was the third best selling car in the UK in August 2019?

Answer : The Tesla Model 3

The world is gearing up to move to EV’s fast. Global development expenditure is already £250 billion, with almost a third of that committed by VW alone. So we will all have EV’s in the future, as that’s all they’ll be selling.

Alfen-S-Line EV chargersSo get ready for the arrival of your EV.

Alfen, Powersun’s main partner, was selected by Western Power Distribution for the huge Electric Nation project (read about it here), where almost 700 charging units were installed, from Cornwall to Lincoln, to see how people behave when charging their cars.

Alfen manufacture in Europe, and lead the world in connectivity, so you have easy access to see what’s going on.

For domestic or commercial, Alfen has the answer and Powersun, as approved OLEV registered Alfen installer, can give you what you need.

Find out more about the Alfen S Line range