Northhamptonshire house


This ground array, installed by Powersun, now serves a newly converted 6 bedroom house with a swimming pool near Daventry.
The owner carried out a major refurbishment, along with an extension and new garage building, and was keen to reduce energy imports as far as possible. The 10kW array sits some 200m from the house, with the inverter in the new power room in the garage. It’s estimated that the PV array will provide more than half the energy required, the match between generation and demand being particularly good, as solar generates at its maximum in the summer, when the pool heat pump is working at full capacity.
The array was installed using Powersun’s proprietary ground mount racking system, with panels from Tier 1 manufacturer J A Solar, and a Solis inverter with a 10Y warranty.
With energy prices now rising rapidly as a result of gas snd global instability, direct wire systems like this can provide huge energy savings, with lifetime costs at under 5p a unit and payback times dropping well under 5 years.
At the same time the owners are reducing their CO2 output by more than 2 tonnes a year, helping the country to reach the Zero Carbon 2050 target.