Solar farms

Powersun - solar farms

In 2017, solar parks can offer cost effective private wire supplies to large consumers.

  • Since the end of most subsidies for solar parks, it has become common knowledge that solar parks “don’t work any more”.
  • This is wrong! If you are a large scale consumer and you have substantial roof or ground space near your premises, solar power can offer a good economic solution.
  • The price of power from a solar park connected directly to the consumer can be below the cost from the grid, as there are no transmission and distribution costs.
  • Forward buy 20 years of your power, and hedge against rising power costs.
  • Licensed suppliers offer sophisticated (sleeved or synthetic ) PPA’s allowing sites to buy green power “direct” from remote generation.


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[tab title=”Preliminaries”]

  • We will work with you to determine the best system for your solar farm and create detailed feasibility studies and financial models.
  • We will help you obtain finance with your level of investment in mind.
  • We will design the system and take it through all permitting (grid and planning)

[tab title=”Build”]

  • Full design detail drawings.
  • All project management.
  • Full H&S assessments and CDM if required.
  • We use only the best products, with bankable provenance.

[tab title=”Operate”]

  • Sophisticated 365 day monitoring.
  • Regular preventive inspections as required.
  • You can be involved as much as you wish.
  • Performance guarantees.