Solar for schools, colleges, NGO’s

Commercial roofs

The pressure on UK schools to operate on increasingly tighter budgets has never been higher.

Solar Energy can provide long term Energy savings and mitigate carbon emissions with clean energy. Instead of buying all of your energy from suppliers, you can install renewables technology to generate your own low-carbon energy.

Universally Renewable Energy motivates within Education and shows the next generation how to live more sustainably.

Powersun can guide from initial proposals showing benefits, system construction through to monitoring and maintenance of the PV system for its lifetime.

Often flat screen display positioned in Reception can illustrate the performance of system on daily weekly or yearly bases in real time. The Solar power electronics can be hard wired or wirelessly connected directly to the display and the graphical image demonstrates the energy generation for pupils and visitors alike.

Funding is available to suit.

Recent projects

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Carshalton Boys school solar panels from Powersun


Yearly saving £1,150

  • System Size 6 kWp
  • Generation 5,595 kWH annually
  • Carbon Offset 2,949 KG/CO₂

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Eden Girls School solar panels


Yearly saving £3,875

  • System Size 15 kWp
  • Generation 13,710 kWH annually
  • Carbon Offset 7,226 KG/CO₂

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Warwickshire College with solar panels from Powersun

WARWICKSHIRE COLLEGE (Operation and Maintenance)

Yearly saving £21,323

  • System Size 110 kWp
  • Generation 96,360 kWH annually
  • Carbon Offset 50,782 KG/CO₂


Free Solar Assessment

Here we design a system based upon your site load and size/type of roof. The Assessment includes CAD system design and financial analysis showing system return, payback, forecast generation and savings. Please click here for your free assessment.