Simple tech explanation of solar PV

Brief technology explanation

Photovoltaic means just that: Photons (particles of light energy) hit the silicone in the cell and generate a voltage. This causes a current to flow. This current from all the panels is collected and fed into an inverter, which changes the DC from the panels into AC, so it can be fed into the electrical grid.

The silicone in the panel is about 0.2mm thick, so needs physical support. The cells are bonded into a glass and plastic structure.

When a system is designed, the panels must physically match the roof; the panel output must be carefully matched to a suitable inverter; the local solar irradiation and any shading must be taken into account; a mounting system must be designed to allow the panels to be safely and securely mounted on the roof; the wiring system must be designed so that the right voltage is fed to the inverter.

Powersun takes care of all the above for all our clients, as well as looking after the application to the network operator and the planning application (if required) to the local council.

How do solar panels work?