Solar PV rates

We have all been waiting a long time for the announcement and anything formal from the government is still overdue, but the Solar Trade Association has reached a Memorandum of Agreement with the rating office (VOA).  Solar owners now have some certainty.

The worst hit are in situations where both the building and the solar are owned by the same entity. In these cases, business rates have increased substantially due to a quirk in the way rates are calculated.

Powersun Director Ian Brent-Smith said : “It is disappointing that the government chose to ignore this, in effect putting another hidden tax onto many schools and hospitals, as well as UK businesses.” He added: “It’s important to plan the ownership of the PV system in advance, as getting this right can drastically reduce the rates bill.”

Click here to download the Powersun guide to rates for solar park and solar roof owners. You can also download the MOA.