Energy Storage Systems from Powersun

Everyone has been talking about energy storage and batteries for several years, but in 2017 the technology has really arrived.

  • Site wide UPS (uninterruptible power supply) is now commercially viable, and can often be installed at no cost to the user, due to the revenues available. Protect your critical process from an insecure grid
  • Storage will support future electric vehicle (EV) charging requirements.
  • Avoid high local transmission costs
  • Cheap charging from your existing (or a new) solar PV system and night time rates.



Click here to view our blog post about zero capital expenditure and zero risk on energy storage systems.


We offer two zero capital outlay options:

  • Storage as a Service *
    • You have full UPS facilities.
    • You make monthly service payments to the funder.
    • You receive all the revenue payments and tracked savings.
    • You receive 3 months’ revenue before you make the first service payment, so you are always cash positive.
    • We warranty the system performance, and pay a service credit. Your payments will never exceed revenues.
  • ESCO *
    • An Energy Savings Company is set up to own and operate the storage system.
    • You pay none of the capital cost.
    • You have full UPS facilities for free.
    • You pay a service payment for the system.
    • You retain 20% of the fixed revenues.
    • Only for larger systems generally >£250k capital value.

* Purchases under both SaaS and ESCO are subject to the credit rating of the client.