Energy Storage Systems


What does energy storage do for me?

Maximise your use of solar
Maximise your
use of solar

Be ready to fast charge
Be ready to
fast charge

Protect from powercuts
Protect from
power cuts

Manage your energy costs
Manage your
energy costs


Powersun is a Tesla certified installer and the Tesla Powerwall 2 offers the lowest cost per unit of stored energy by far.

  • Solar PV owners: you can meet 70% or 80% of your needs from solar with storage
  • Buy energy cheap and use at peak times. Variable time tariffs will be the norm in the future.
  • Back up in the event of a power cut. Our national grid relies on solar and wind, which are not always there. Protect your house.

There’s more about the Tesla Powerwall 2 here and Powersun’s other storage options here.

The Powerwall 2 works very well with solar PV – you can also install it on its own.