Powering the industrial estate

Barnwell Manor Estate, near Peterborough, is a busy, active farm as well as operating a small light industrial business park. In 2011 the owners were becoming ever more aware of the rising cost of energy and Powersun were asked to install a 50kWp solar photovoltaic system on one of the barn roofs at the Business Park.

The roof is ideal, in that it faces almost due South.  Following a structural survey, Powersun undertook reinforcement work to the roof. Solar panels, together with their mounting systems, weigh about 18kg/m2,  meaning that at Barnwell, about 5 tonnes extra sits on the roof, so the engineer’s report is critical.

The inverter is a CL48 from Fronius, running through a 250/25 Fronius string control which gives enhanced diagnostic facilities.

The solar system has been in operation since early December 2011 and is ahead of indicative generation targets, as well as reducing Barnwell Estate’s CO2 emissions by over 20 tonnes a year.