Powering a 1000 cow dairy

Powersun have installed a 50kWp solar PV system on this busy dairy near Salisbury. With over 1000 cows on a zero grazed model, the farm operates 24hrs a day and has considerable electrical requirements.

Bills have been running at over £20k a year and with the increases over the last couple of years, the owners decided enough was enough. The system installed by Powersun uses high efficiency mono-crystalline panels linked to a Fronius central inverter. This operates with the Fronius “Mix-Concept”, with 12 small internal inverters cutting in and out as the solar irradiation changes. The system is therefore always operating at the maximum possible efficiency. In general, Powersun find that systems working with the CL48 central inverter will produce up to 20% more than SAP predictions, significantly increasing the return on capital.

The solar panels are mounted on a double layer mounting system manufactured by Schletter in Germany. It’s possible, and cheaper, to install single layer systems, but the enhanced rigidity of double layer mounting systems offers users real security over the 25 year life of their investment.

The farm’s CO2 output will be reduced by more than 20 Tonnes a year, helping the country to meet EU targets and the world to be a greener place.