BIPV at Hemploe Farm

Hemploe Farm in Welford is a busy place. With full scale farming activity going on year round, as well as the Business Park and JJ’s Kiddycare, energy requirements are high and bills are always increasing.

The owners decided in 2011 that energy costs must be addressed and asked Powersun to install a 36kW solar photovoltaic system on the roof of the barn, used both as a grain store and a general purpose storage space.

In order to maximise output from the system, Powersun recommended using an in-roof mounting system from Mécosun in France. With this, the solar panels form the roofing material and the increased ventilation allows lower panel operating temperatures. This patented mounting system is inherently water tight and the clean, uncluttered lines offer a long lasting and attractive solution.

A CL36 central inverter from Fronius was installed, with a string control allowing more accurate monitoring of the panels’ output.

The owners are delighted with the performance, which is giving more than the suggested energy cost reduction, as well as reducing CO2 output by almost 15 tonnes a year.