Site development

Site development - Powersun, solar farms


Now that subsidies for solar parks have all but disappeared, only very large systems, generally more than 50MW, can be financially viable.

However, solar parks are still very viable if a commercial buyer can be found for the power generated, which can then be sold at around 12p/kWh instead of exported at around 4.3p/kWh.

Any landowner with a site near to a large individual consumer should talk to us about the possibility of a “private wire” supply to the energy consumer.

Consumers are keen, as it helps them to secure future energy costs, and generally provides power at a lower cost than present grid imports.

Leases for landowners can allow substantially more revenue per acre than is available from farming, and help to secure long term farm incomes in times of uncertainty.

If you have suitable land, click here to contact us.